Today everybody wants to achieve better search ranking. The only problem is, SEO keeps changing and no one wants penalty because of doing the wrong thing. The keyword research is one of the high return, important and valuable activities in the search marketing fields. Your website based on ranking because it can make or break your website. It is not important thing to getting visitors to your site, the right thing is to getting right kind of visitors.

Here some important steps to check website keyword ranking:-

  • Firstly it’s important to know your current position in the Google search result before you can improve your site’s search ranking.
  • Second important thing to check your site speed because it is a main Google ranking factor. It affect the ranking of your site.
  • Another important thing is to check that have you experienced any sudden drop from organic traffic after year or month of consistency?
  • Now it is important to find that how many visitors reach your site via Google or another search engine.
  • For check your own website’s ranking the most accurate and official way is through Google’s Webmaster Tools.

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