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Its time to secure your WordPress website with HTTPS

Over the couple of years, Google has progressively stressed the importance of HTTPS encryption for websites. It has marked certain HTTP pages as “not secure” if they contain data input fields for things such as passwords, personal details or credit card information. Domain name without HTTPS status can also influence a website’s search engine ranking. […]

Why and How My Website Got Hacked?

Have you thought, why anybody will hack your business website? It looks very exciting in movies, but in actual practice its all about envision human interests, taking an opportunity, and veritable perseverance. Learn how hackers think, and how you can protect your business website. WordPress is the Market Leader Certainly, WordPress is the most popular […]

New Technologies to Enhance Customer Hunting

Change the way you hunt your customers Either you are planing to go online or already have a live website, must upgrade to reach more targeted audience. Regular updates on your website and simultaneously on your social media channels are important. You need not to do it one-by-one manually, new technologies are available to help […]

IMP: WordPress Brute-Force login attack proactive mitigation.

sql-injection-wordpressIn an ongoing effort to make you aware of security and performance concerns, we wanted to inform you of an ongoing event. There is a brute-force login attack targeted at websites with WordPress. Due to the nature of the attack, memory consumption on targeted servers has increased. In some cases this has resulted in degradation […]


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