1. Myth: Submit site to search engine for it to get listed.

Fact: Submission is not necessary. Because a search engine will always find your site from some other site link to it.

2. Myth: Only focus on high ranking rather than making sure that how visitors become customers.

Fact: Just ranking is not everything. Always just focus on ranking is not enough for site it is also necessary that increase customer not only visitors.

3. Myth: The meta-tag is important for high keyword ranking.

Fact: Meta element do not affect page ranking. Today search engines ignore META tags and description tags for ranking purposes.

4. Myth: It is not important to focus on building a quality site, mainly focus on to find some “trick” to make site rank well.

Fact: Focusing on tricks is just a time wastage. Build a quality site because there is no magic which will rocket you to the top of the search engine ranking.

5. Myth: Having white letters on a white background or make keywords invisible is a good idea for website ranking.

Fact: These stupid tricks like invisible text can get your site penalized by some engine because engines are not stupid.

6. Myth: All the visitors always start from the front page of any site.

Fact: This is not true because search engines evaluate each page of any site individually, on its merits.


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