What is Dedicated Server

A type of web hosting where you are allocated a whole server to you is known as Dedicated Server. For a Web Site or a set or related company’s sites that can develop a considerable amount of traffic, the dedicated server is needed. A dedicated server where you get entire server for your website and you can get complete access to its resources either it heard or software. The server can be operated and configured remotely from client company. Through dedicated server you get scalable disk space, full bandwidth and more security because the server is used by only one website.

The account of dedicated server provide to admin with full control of server usage, a dedicated IP address, all over control of software installation and root access to server. This server is not shared with any other service, customer or application. To host backup and data storage services, as well as for applications and services a dedicated services may used. For provisioning and hosting of specialized services like implementing network or file servers dedicated server may also be used internally.

Mainly dedicated server is used to run a web hosting environment where webpages are hosted for websites. With the help of dedicated server you can run services that you require for your server in the manner you wish. There are different type of benefits of dedicated server like: control, resilience, flexibility, security and reliability.

Benefits of Dedicated Server:


The performance of dedicated server is much higher than other servers, because there is no sharing of processor power, memory and disk space with other server. You can easily post lots of regular video clips that require plenty of bandwidth or photos that are high in resolution and don’t worry about load.


The most beneficial thing of dedicated server is that you don’t have to worry about other websites using your bandwidth when you need it most. In addition, if you choose managed dedicated server then all the burdens of managing the server will taking by your host.


Dedicated server is one of the best secure server then others. Through this server you can assured that all kind of resources on your server are secure. It can offers you strong protection for your online files and your website too.


You are able to enjoy a lot of flexibility when you don’t have to share a server with another. You have all over control of manage the configuration of server. Dedicated server offers you to choose the software and platform as according to your need.

What is Cloud Server?

A logical server that is delivered, built and hosted through a cloud computing platform over the internet is known as Cloud Server. It’s all over working is controlled by the service or cloud provider that allocated for your use via virtual environment. Cloud server is referred to as Virtual Dedicated server, every cloud server is called as virtual server but every virtual server is not. Cloud server is a server that based on a cloud service model known as infrastructure as a Service(laaS). It is a shared section of server. Hosting by cloud server is spread between multiple connected servers that’s why it is also known as clustered hosting.

Each server has its own separate user interface, operating system and applications. Through the cloud server you have freedom to modify the server software as according to your need. It is more secure and stable because software problem is isolated from and to your environment. Cloud server offers you that you get billed only for the amount of storage you use, that means you can increase your scale, compute and storage service as needed. Cloud server exhibit similar functionality and capabilities to a typical server but accessed remotely from a cloud service provider.

Cloud server gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease your resources and you can change server specification on the demand of your business. When other users overload their cloud server this will have no effect on your server because resources are dedicated and you have guarantee of stability. As compared to standard dedicated servers cloud servers are economically more efficient.

Benefits of cloud server:

(1)Fast Service

Cloud server comes with a ready to use benefit and there are numerous option to pick and choose from. That’s why cloud server is opt by people for whom time is scarce. Generally time taken to configure and implement services is measured in weeks, but a company that use its cloud provider to get services running and up with in of hours.


Every company want more bandwidth and cloud-based service can instantly meet to the demand because of vast capacity of service’s remote servers. The server enables customers of IT environments to be fluid and dynamic, spin up new services, ability to add new businesses, responds to the ever increasing customer needs.


A built-in feature for cloud server is scalability. Cloud server is deployed automatically only when needed and as a result, you can pay only for the data storage and data that you need. Cloud server has advantage of scaling fast because dedicated server consume much time because of the creation of back up takes time.


Like a dedicated server Cloud server provide the highest level of security. Cloud server is complete with secure isolated disk space and customizable firewall protection. When everything is stored in cloud server, the data can be accessed no matter what happens with machine.


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