What is VPS (Virtual Private Server) ?

An operating system installation that shares the physical hardware of the server with other operating system installations is known as Virtual Private Server Or, The server that runs within another server is known as VPS. The powerful computer server is divided into different independently and separate virtual private servers and these server then further available for small developers, businesses, network administrators on the basis of monthly fee.

The data centers are suffered from physical and financial limitations. To overcome these limitation VPSs reduce the achieving cost and footprint effectiveness through consolidation. VPS also have an alternative to overcome these limitation is shared server solutions. All VPSs are based on one powerful server and several run independent on each other. Web hosting companies host many small servers on a single physical server, and the cost of web hosting may also be achieved at lower costs. The VPS provide you process of dedicated server while it running on a platform of shared hosting.

With the help of virtualization technology tool Hyper-visor, this physical server can running on both Windows and Linux(FreeBSD). It also release and allocates resources like processor time and RAM to guest operating system. Virtual private server is the ability of single subscriber to maintain number of virtual servers. Various advantages of Virtual Private Server are: independent, performance, cost, security and insulation.

Benefits of Virtual Private Server:



Loading time of any application or site is very important, as everybody know that user who visit your site are more likely to leave if the website does not open in 6-7 second. The real fact is that ranking factor of Google is based on speed it means having a faster website-more visits and more customers.

(2)Good Scalability

For increase capacity virtual resources can be quickly added. You can buy resources as according to your need. Addition of CPU and RAM is very simple as reboot process. Without any disruption you can move the data from slow storage tier to faster tier.


As every servers are separated from each other, each site gets its own resources and operating system secure from other. It has a unique feature known as self dependency that make is more secure than other shared servers.

(4)Cost and Time

The cost of VPS is much less than dedicated server, because if you get virtual private server you have to pay for only that you need. It consume less time because it quickly modify, deploy and test image into production and speeding up the development time.


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