What is VPS (Virtual Private Server) ?

An operating system installation that shares the physical hardware of the server with other operating system installations is known as Virtual Private Server Or, The server that runs within another server is known as VPS. The powerful computer server is divided into different independently and separate virtual private servers and these server then further available for small developers, businesses, network administrators on the basis of monthly fee.

The data centers are suffered from physical and financial limitations. To overcome these limitation VPSs reduce the achieving cost and footprint effectiveness through consolidation. VPS also have an alternative to overcome these limitation is shared server solutions. All VPSs are based on one powerful server and several run independent on each other. Web hosting companies host many small servers on a single physical server, and the cost of web hosting may also be achieved at lower costs. The VPS provide you process of dedicated server while it running on a platform of shared hosting.

With the help of virtualization technology tool Hyper-visor, this physical server can running on both Windows and Linux(FreeBSD). It also release and allocates resources like processor time and RAM to guest operating system. Virtual private server is the ability of single subscriber to maintain number of virtual servers. Various advantages of Virtual Private Server are: independent, performance, cost, security and insulation.

Benefits of Virtual Private Server:



Loading time of any application or site is very important, as everybody know that user who visit your site are more likely to leave if the website does not open in 6-7 second. The real fact is that ranking factor of Google is based on speed it means having a faster website-more visits and more customers.

(2)Good Scalability

For increase capacity virtual resources can be quickly added. You can buy resources as according to your need. Addition of CPU and RAM is very simple as reboot process. Without any disruption you can move the data from slow storage tier to faster tier.


As every servers are separated from each other, each site gets its own resources and operating system secure from other. It has a unique feature known as self dependency that make is more secure than other shared servers.

(4)Cost and Time

The cost of VPS is much less than dedicated server, because if you get virtual private server you have to pay for only that you need. It consume less time because it quickly modify, deploy and test image into production and speeding up the development time.

What is Cloud Server?

A logical server that is delivered, built and hosted through a cloud computing platform over the internet is known as Cloud Server. It’s all over working is controlled by the service or cloud provider that allocated for your use via virtual environment. Cloud server is referred to as Virtual Dedicated server, every cloud server is called as virtual server but every virtual server is not. Cloud server is a server that based on a cloud service model known as infrastructure as a Service(laaS). It is a shared section of server. Hosting by cloud server is spread between multiple connected servers that’s why it is also known as clustered hosting.

Each server has its own separate user interface, operating system and applications. Through the cloud server you have freedom to modify the server software as according to your need. It is more secure and stable because software problem is isolated from and to your environment. Cloud server offers you that you get billed only for the amount of storage you use, that means you can increase your scale, compute and storage service as needed. Cloud server exhibit similar functionality and capabilities to a typical server but accessed remotely from a cloud service provider.

Cloud server gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease your resources and you can change server specification on the demand of your business. When other users overload their cloud server this will have no effect on your server because resources are dedicated and you have guarantee of stability. As compared to standard dedicated servers cloud servers are economically more efficient.

Benefits of cloud server:

(1)Fast Service

Cloud server comes with a ready to use benefit and there are numerous option to pick and choose from. That’s why cloud server is opt by people for whom time is scarce. Generally time taken to configure and implement services is measured in weeks, but a company that use its cloud provider to get services running and up with in of hours.


Every company want more bandwidth and cloud-based service can instantly meet to the demand because of vast capacity of service’s remote servers. The server enables customers of IT environments to be fluid and dynamic, spin up new services, ability to add new businesses, responds to the ever increasing customer needs.


A built-in feature for cloud server is scalability. Cloud server is deployed automatically only when needed and as a result, you can pay only for the data storage and data that you need. Cloud server has advantage of scaling fast because dedicated server consume much time because of the creation of back up takes time.


Like a dedicated server Cloud server provide the highest level of security. Cloud server is complete with secure isolated disk space and customizable firewall protection. When everything is stored in cloud server, the data can be accessed no matter what happens with machine.

Protect your WordPress website from Malware and Viruses

WordPress is a most popular Content Management System (CMS) platform for single blogs to large business portals. Today, WordPress is powering over 75 million websites. However, with growing popularity comes with growing dejection. Web-based malware attacks have gone up by 85% in 2016-2017 and since WordPress is a most popular platform it gets more suspicious attacks.

We have faced many instances where our client’s websites have faced vulnerabilities such as SQL injections, PHP code injections & Javascript Malware injections. As a WordPress user how can you protect your website from these injections?

Here are few steps to get started…

1. WordPress Update

Most common attacks/injections happen because of outdated WordPress files or plugins. WordPress has a very great and strong community; as-soon-as, malware is detected, it gets plugged. So it is first basic step to stay updated.

Important Note: Before you update your WordPress version, do take a backup of your website files and database separately. For more information, feel free to contact sharat ’@’

2. File and Folder permissions

Go to your cPanel and set the File permissions to 644 and folder permissions to 755. Files with 777 permissions are ready to welcome hackers to set-up malware base on your website.

3. Make ‘USERNAME’ harder for the hackers!

WordPress lets you give admin access to other user accounts. So, use a unique username instead of ‘admin’ as username for login.

4. Change wp-config.php file location

This is another file which is mostly affected by attackers and by default it is located at your_host/wordpress/wp-config.php. You can move it to the root directory i.e your_host/wp-config.php. This way, you actually befool hackers, b’cos they can’t search your file location, un-till they are in-side your system.

5. Themes and Plugins

Be aware of pirated themes and plugins. Always use themes from trusted sources. These pirated themes and plugins usually contain spam bots which can harm your website. Also, in worst case – they can steal your critical information.

6. Secure Server Connections

HTTPS is most secure way of transacting online. Use sFTP or SSH instead of FTP. Keep your website secure with SSL certificate, it’s not that expensive with us. Check our SSL Certificate page for more information.

7. Regular Backups

As the old precept goes, prevention is better than cure. We surely suggest premium backup solution which can take full & secure backups of your site regularly after a given interval of time.

So, Secure your website and protect yourself from these malware attacks.