Its time to secure your WordPress website with HTTPS

Over the couple of years, Google has progressively stressed the importance of HTTPS encryption for websites. It has marked certain HTTP pages as “not secure” if they contain data input fields for things such as passwords, personal details or credit card information.

Domain name without HTTPS status can also influence a website’s search engine ranking. With the release of Google Chrome 68, Google has announced that all HTTP pages will be marked as “not secure” in an effort to phase out the older, less secure web protocol.

As this helped to make the internet a safer place, but it has also created some issues for site owners who have not encrypted their domain yet with HTTPS. Google Chrome handles the majority of browser traffic worldwide, and websites that show up as “not secure” face a probably huge dip in traffic.

Check your encryption Status

To check if your site is already HTTPS-encrypted, visit your domain using “https://” in the URL. If you see a green padlock next to the “https://” your site is encrypting its traffic and you are safe to go:

If you see something else, you have to take action before Chrome 68 is released. Because it may lead to some of the negative results e.g might low your website ranking. The best thing is that securing your site with HTTPS is a easy process. HTTPS encryption is done through SSL (Server Security Layer) certificate, which helps authenticate websites and ensures that hackers cannot see or intercept data of your users who share on your website.

To add https encryption with SSL certification to a WordPress website, site owners need to purchase an SSL certificate. Once the certification has been purchased, it will need to be installed on the server where your website is hosted.

With SSL certification and switching over to HTTPS, you will not only securing yourself on the web but also protecting your potential users/customers from crucial information hacks.

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Https doesn’t means 100% Security

SSL certification is one of the component in web security. While adding HTTPS encryption to your website is highly recommended. It will benefit you and your business users and customers, it is not a singular security solution.

Each and every website is unique itself and requires different levels of security—HTTPS encryption is just one part of that security layer. However, adding this layer of security will go a long way towards keeping malicious users away from your website and the data of your vendors/users entrust you with.


Google’s HTTPS encryption is an effort to make the web services safe for every internet user. Google helping users to understand that HTTP is not secure, and the information shared over HTTP connections can be altered by malicious users over the internet. Also it is raising awareness of the security risks that exist in today’s technology world of cybersecurity.

With SSL certification and switching over to HTTPS, the website owners not only securing themselves on the web but also protecting their users/customers from crucial information hacks. By acquiring SSL certification, website owners enable themselves to join a continuously growing community of safe web users over the internet.

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