How to check own website for keyword ranking

Today everybody wants to achieve better search ranking. The only problem is, SEO keeps changing and no one wants penalty because of doing the wrong thing. The keyword research is one of the high return, important and valuable activities in the search marketing fields. Your website based on ranking because it can make or break your website. It is not important thing to getting visitors to your site, the right thing is to getting right kind of visitors.

Here some important steps to check website keyword ranking:-

  • Firstly it’s important to know your current position in the Google search result before you can improve your site’s search ranking.
  • Second important thing to check your site speed because it is a main Google ranking factor. It affect the ranking of your site.
  • Another important thing is to check that have you experienced any sudden drop from organic traffic after year or month of consistency?
  • Now it is important to find that how many visitors reach your site via Google or another search engine.
  • For check your own website’s ranking the most accurate and official way is through Google’s Webmaster Tools.

How Small Websites become popular

As everybody knows that SEO is not a one-time event. The all search engine algorithm change regularly, so it doesn’t mean that worked last day may not work this day. Because SEO requires a long-term commitment and outlook. Firstly its your duty that you should have clearly defined your goal about your SEO efforts. Second thing you will need web analytic software that helps you for track what’s working and what’s not.

If you want to show up your site on first page results than analyze that “is your site really one of the 10 best sites in the world”? if it is not than make it better to increase your site position. The page title is one of the most important on-page SEO factors. Google’s content curation is not copyright, plagiarism, scraping- or should not be. It is not right to copying somebody else’s work and placing it on your website as your own. These web content are protected by copyright laws, just like all other creative works.

The aim of any search engine is simple to connect its all searchers with most relevant content. There is another better way for getting higher position is blog writing for your site because all search engine, especially Google, like blogs for highly-structured data and for fresh content. Also commenting and reading other’s blog can also help you acquire new links and also increase your exposure.

Does Google have my original content?

Proving that you are the original writer of a certain article that is already published on another website is somewhat difficult. But now Google has introduce a different way to claim your authorship. Google team works very hard to distinguish and identify original articles from those that are ripped off other sites.

Google has ability to crawl on certain or rather finite number of pages at particular time frame. If anyone copy your article or you are the original writer of that article, you can do Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice. So, they has penalties for it if they are lying and stuff disappears off from the other site. So, if someone copied you do always a DMCA notice.

Shared copy of your DMCA take down notice will makes the complaint public, which is a best way to expose the content thieves. Sometime the content are directly copied from your site and sometime content is slightly modified, but at last the final result clearly is based on your original work. But this nature is not always harmful for your site if you want that your original content show only on your site, then you should have removed the duplicate content.

Define the understanding of Google for Search Engine Optimization

Google create more than one billion web searches per day. Google is the higher priority for all small business owners. The main goal of Google search’s to organize the world’s information. Before understand how your page is ranked, firstly understand Google itself. Google provides many tools for your Search Engine Optimization. But today Google Webmaster Tools gives advance search expert for evaluating and planing her or his search efforts.

Search Engine Optimization is a concept that build your website properly and specifically. Google mainly focus to look at what kind for content of website and then bring up that website when somebody search for related keywords. Because of Google’s unknown algorithm the SEO have a drawback that it’s mostly guesswork.

This is necessary to measure of how many other sites link to you. If large number of people talking about you and your website online then you are seen as more related in your industry, Which is known as Google’s PageRank. PageRank can help you to get active in cyber-community through improve PageRank. Anyone doesn’t fooled Google by strategic addition of keyword into low-quality content. Google’s PageRank algorithm is little complicated, but it is mainly designed to deliver users the most relative and best content possible.

How Search Engine work ?

Search Engine is work as answer machine. When a person perform an online search, search engine does two things: firstly, it returns only those results that are useful and relevant to searcher’s query and second, it ranks those results according to the popularity of the websites serving the information. Search engine is a software system that mainly designed to search for information on world wide web. The information given by search engine may be images, mix of web pages and other type of data and files.

Search engines are special sites on the Web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites. A search engine operates some steps (I) web crawling (ii) indexing (iii)searching. A web crawler started with the list of URLs for visit. When the crawler visit these URLs, it identifies all the hyperlinks in the page and add them to the list of URLs for visit, it is known as crawl frontier.

The main purpose of indexing is to optimize performance and speed in finding relevant documents for search query. The web search query is a query that when a user enters into search engine to satisfy her or his information requirements. When the user enters any query into search engine , the engine examine its index and providing a list of best matching web pages related to user’s need.

What is Dedicated Server

A type of web hosting where you are allocated a whole server to you is known as Dedicated Server. For a Web Site or a set or related company’s sites that can develop a considerable amount of traffic, the dedicated server is needed. A dedicated server where you get entire server for your website and you can get complete access to its resources either it heard or software. The server can be operated and configured remotely from client company. Through dedicated server you get scalable disk space, full bandwidth and more security because the server is used by only one website.

The account of dedicated server provide to admin with full control of server usage, a dedicated IP address, all over control of software installation and root access to server. This server is not shared with any other service, customer or application. To host backup and data storage services, as well as for applications and services a dedicated services may used. For provisioning and hosting of specialized services like implementing network or file servers dedicated server may also be used internally.

Mainly dedicated server is used to run a web hosting environment where webpages are hosted for websites. With the help of dedicated server you can run services that you require for your server in the manner you wish. There are different type of benefits of dedicated server like: control, resilience, flexibility, security and reliability.

Benefits of Dedicated Server:


The performance of dedicated server is much higher than other servers, because there is no sharing of processor power, memory and disk space with other server. You can easily post lots of regular video clips that require plenty of bandwidth or photos that are high in resolution and don’t worry about load.


The most beneficial thing of dedicated server is that you don’t have to worry about other websites using your bandwidth when you need it most. In addition, if you choose managed dedicated server then all the burdens of managing the server will taking by your host.


Dedicated server is one of the best secure server then others. Through this server you can assured that all kind of resources on your server are secure. It can offers you strong protection for your online files and your website too.


You are able to enjoy a lot of flexibility when you don’t have to share a server with another. You have all over control of manage the configuration of server. Dedicated server offers you to choose the software and platform as according to your need.


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