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Either you are planing to go online or already have a live website, must upgrade to reach more targeted audience. Regular updates on your website and simultaneously on your social media channels are important. You need not to do it one-by-one manually, new technologies are available to help you.

You just add content to your site and the technology will post your content to all linked social media channels viz. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more. Further you may opt for a Newsletter system, which enable your website to send the latest content updates to your Customers and Subscribers regularly.

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Google Glass, the wearable computer

Welcome to “your world” through Google Glass. Google’s most awaited gadget of electronic genius; a “Wearable Computer”.

A pair of glass-less frame with a flyspeck computer on the left/right side, Google Glass is encouraged as “seamless and empowering.” It will have the power to capture any live encounter and socialize to millions in just a few seconds.

The tech world is excited from long and imagining on what it will look like and finally be able to reach excitation. Device`s prototypes has undergone for testing to 1,000s of Glass Explorers and are expected to be sold in public from next year. Many people think wearable computing as the next step in the digital world, whereas others didn`t like the idea of more inner connections with the scarily network.

Here, we are gathering your opinion about the Google Glass, checkout the “Google Glass Poll” on the side bar.

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