New Technologies to Enhance Customer Hunting

Change the way you hunt your customers

Either you are planing to go online or already have a live website, must upgrade to reach more targeted audience. Regular updates on your website and simultaneously on your social media channels are important. You need not to do it one-by-one manually, new technologies are available to help you.

You just add content to your site and the technology will post your content to all linked social media channels viz. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more. Further you may opt for a Newsletter system, which enable your website to send the latest content updates to your Customers and Subscribers regularly.

Upgrade to New Technologies …Now!

Importance of Domain Name for your Business

You completely understand that choosing a suitable domain name is important for your business success, before choosing one must consult an experienced IT consultant and follow the basic rules to decide. Here, I am elaborating my article on Domain Registration Solution and Tips.

Your existing and prospective customers may know your business name, but do they remember your domain name? you know the answer. Just imagine the mindset of majority of your customers for “If your customers plan to buy one of your product/service”;

    • Will they search your contact details in phone or local directory?
    • Will they search you on internet? “specifically you”
    • Will they directly step-in to your shop?
    • If your answer is “NO”, then you should read this article further…


This is called Branding, make your domain name a Brand of your trade. You can create your own Brand easily, its not that hard that you thing. Just follow the simple rules.

      • Always display your domain name on each and every advertisement, either for print media, or social media.
      • Do print your domain name over all your office stationery, and on personal too (if possible)
      • Update your existing customers with “latest stock” by emails or text messages, followed by your domain name.
      • Upgrade your website with Newsletter feature (its good if you already have) and ask your customers to subscribe

If you have an existing customer data, do enroll them with your Newsletter Subscriber list manually

Don`t ever subscribe bulk/purchased data in your list, this will increase spamming and your domain will be blacklisted

Update your website with new content regularly, at-least once a week or twice a month.The new content will automatically be sent to subscribers; this will hit your customer`s mind often with your name.

Connect your website with max possible Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and more

      • IMP: Again ask you web designer / developer to connect your website with these channels in a professional manner, so that when-ever you add content to your website will automatically posted on all social media channels. This will save you time and efficiency.

Always remember an old saying; “Rome was not built in a day“, similarly, creating your brand name is a long process and to achieve your goal you should follow these rules regularly.

Happy Branding

If you are a domain owner, tell us “Why you love your domain?” if we like your answer, keeping your trade parameters in view, your domain will be listed on this page, absolutely free of charge. So, write us now.


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