Google Glass, the wearable computer

Welcome to “your world” through Google Glass. Google’s most awaited gadget of electronic genius; a “Wearable Computer”.

A pair of glass-less frame with a flyspeck computer on the left/right side, Google Glass is encouraged as “seamless and empowering.” It will have the power to capture any live encounter and socialize to millions in just a few seconds.

The tech world is excited from long and imagining on what it will look like and finally be able to reach excitation. Device`s prototypes has undergone for testing to 1,000s of Glass Explorers and are expected to be sold in public from next year. Many people think wearable computing as the next step in the digital world, whereas others didn`t like the idea of more inner connections with the scarily network.

Here, we are gathering your opinion about the Google Glass, checkout the “Google Glass Poll” on the side bar.

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Google`s Content Authorization

You must have seen some search results with the photograph on Google search page. Ever wondered, how do they appear?

They connect their Google Profile with their website and post original articles on the website, when Google announces that the content is unique, it appears in Google search result. You must be thinking why its important, here is the answer:

  • Photograph provides enhanced visibility on result page
  • You become the author of your content
  • Google prefers to list your webiste on first page
  • Remarkable growth on world wide web
  • One time investment – no need to pay again in life time spam

Step ahead and get your website with its content authorized with Google content authorization tool…

How does Google search work ?

Search Engine works as answering machine. When a person perform an online search, search engine does two things: firstly, it returns only those results that are useful and relevant to searcher’s query and second, it ranks those results according to the popularity of the websites serving the information. The information given by search engine may be images, mix of web pages and other type of data and files. search engine follow some important seo rule for page ranking of large no of web sites.

Search engine basically operates three steps:




(1) Crawling:

A web crawler started with the list of URLs for visit. When the crawler visit these URLs, it identifies all the hyperlinks in the page and add them to the list of URLs for visit, it is known as crawl frontier.

(2) Indexing:

is basically taking thing in a word order. Suppose a document on web contain name A B, and in the document A B appears next to each other. whenever a visitor search such document, Google indexing will search web-pages that contain words A and B. indexing will find most relevant documents or files that contain word A B on the page or may be back links in anchor text pointing to that document. The main purpose of indexing is to optimize performance and speed in finding relevant documents for search query.

(3) Searching:

Once the document selection done, next is, how to rank those documents. We use PR and two hundred other factors for ranking. Like document A B, may be this document is popular, or very authoritative, or it having more back-links on web having lot of repetition. So Google try to balance all two hundred ranking signals to find most relevant document or best match for the query. And then it display all the related information, keywords, contact details and link associated with that query.

What is SEO?

SEO is known as SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, it is all about optimizing a website for search engines. The SEO composed of both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.

Google™ promotes authority pages to the top of its rankings so it’s your job to create pages that become authority pages.

Search engine optimization is divided into two basic ways : on-page, and off-page optimization. On-page optimization refers to website elements such as HTML code, textual content, and images. And second, Off-page optimization is refers, to back links (links pointing to the site which is being optimized, from other relevant websites).

SEO for any website is really affected by site design. Its very important to have a targeted audience for the website. During site designing, the important factors that should keep in mind are :

Does your design meets targeted audience or not ?

The navigation of your site should be easy. Don’t let the visitors to make extra clicks.

Site content should not be so heavy that it takes time to load, because the longer your page takes to load, lesser will be the clicks on website.

To rank well and stay on top, each page of your website should contain a logical topic related to visitors search. Every page must have unique title, and a meta description. Other relevant factor is to make visitors to ask there questions or allow them to give feedback for any service or product on website.

The most important factor to understand that what kind of content your targeted audience looking for. Create a good site, write content that people need and make it easy for them to share it.

Important SEO Rules To Keep In Mind

To get your website on top of search engines “Backlinks is not the only getting more and more having task to do. Your site must be equipped with basic seo rules and further compile with these important rules, which you need to keep in mind while creating your website content and designing of your webpages. You can take our SEO expert’s advice by dropping an email to [email protected].

  1. Its not all about getting backlinks, do provide relevant links to other websites (e.g link up a few important words with Wikipedia, for further definition. Max 1 to 2 per page).
  2. Keep your website updated with related articles or products. If you are writing an update to your previous page or post do mention with a linkback in first paragraph. If you are a busy person we are providing website content management and SEO services.

Submit Your Link

You must have found 100’s of websites providing a list of another 100’s of web directories to submit your website Link (URL).

There are two types of website submission services available out there:

(1) automatic site submission and
(2) Manual site submission.

Both are very good services at their part and effective too, if processed wisely.

If you are doing Search Engine Optimization of your website at your own, before you submit your web site links, here we highly recommend you to spare five minutes a read short summary on “How search engine works?” (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc). If you think “Getting more and more back-links will keep your website on the first page of Google?” you are somewhere right, but its not a complete truth, and need to be conscious, checkout these Important SEO Rules before you submit your website links to directories and search engines.

Since years, we are doing a deep research on this highly debatable topic of SEO, and created a Search Engine Friendly Web Directory to help webmasters to auto submit their website links to multiple directories over a gradually defined period of time.


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