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WordPress DDOS Attack & How to Login on WordPress Site

ddos-attackThis information concerns you if your have bought Linux Hosting from us and especially if you are a WordPress developer or administrator of its installation. Since last week there has been a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attack on WordPress Installations throughout the Internet. Since yesterday this attack has increased in its severity leading to […]

WordPress DDOS Attack – How to Logout

This information is in continuation of our previous post ‘WordPress DDOS Attack and How to Login‘. This concerns you only if your have bought Linux Hosting from us and you are a WordPress developer or administrator of its installation. To properly Logout after you have logged in via wp-login-rn.php, you have to put wp-login-rn.php instead […]

Importance of Domain Name for your Business

You completely understand that choosing a suitable domain name is important for your business success, before choosing one must consult an experienced IT consultant and follow the basic rules to decide. Here, I am elaborating my article on Domain Registration Solution and Tips. Your existing and prospective customers may know your business name, but do […]

Golden Rules For Choosing A Branded Domain Name

Great, so you have decided to start your own online store on your own domain name like “yourdomain.com”; it looks more professional and makes it easier to promote your brand. With so many live websites on internet, you need to be creative to search an available domain name. We are just highlighting some key points […]

Google Glass, the wearable computer

Welcome to “your world” through Google Glass. Google’s most awaited gadget of electronic genius; a “Wearable Computer”. A pair of glass-less frame with a flyspeck computer on the left/right side, Google Glass is encouraged as “seamless and empowering.” It will have the power to capture any live encounter and socialize to millions in just a […]

Google`s Content Authorization

You must have seen some search results with the photograph on Google search page. Ever wondered, how do they appear? They connect their Google Profile with their website and post original articles on the website, when Google announces that the content is unique, it appears in Google search result. You must be thinking why its […]


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